Selected Publications

Richter, U., M.E. Evans, W.C. Clark, P. Marttinen, E.A. Shoubridge, A. Suomalainen, A. Wredenberg, A. Wedell, T. Pan, and B.J. Battersby. 2018. RNA modification landscape of the human mitochondrial tRNALys regulates protein synthesis. Nature Communications. 9:3966    PDF

Suomalainen, A. and B.J. Battersby. 2018. Mitochondrial diseases: contribution of organelle stress responses to pathology. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. 19: 77-92.    PDF

Jokinen, R., P. Marttinen, J.B. Stewart, T. Neil Dear, and B.J. Battersby. 2016. Tissue-specific modulation of mitochondrial DNA segregation by a defect in mitochondrial division. Human Molecular Genetics. 25:706-714.  PDF

Richter, U., T. Lahtinen, P. Marttinen, F. Suomi, and B.J. Battersby. 2015. Quality control of mitochondrial protein synthesis is required for membrane integrity and cell fitness. Journal of Cell Biology. 211:373-389.  PDF

Richter, U., T. Lahtinen, P. Marttinen, M. Myöhänen, D. Greco, G. Cannino, H.T. Jacobs, N.Lietzén, T.A. Nyman, and B.J. Battersby. 2013. A mitochondrial ribosomal and RNA decay pathway blocks cell proliferation. Current Biology. 23:535-541.  PDF

Battersby, B.J.  and U. Richter. 2013. Why translation counts for mitochondria – retrograde signalling links mitochondrial protein synthesis to mitochondrial biogenesis and cell proliferation. Journal of Cell Science 126:4331-8.    PDF


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